Our beginning

Pastor Mike's Dream

In 2004, a dream and desire stirred in Pastor's Mike heart.  Pastor Mike realized the need for a church in our community outside the walls of the traditional model.  A church that embraced contemporary sound and attire while focusing on the grace and love of Jesus Christ.  With that dream came the beginnings of the Compass Worship Church.  Pastor Mike envisioned a church where all people could enter welcomed and with the opportunity to begin again.  Pastor Mike desired a church where the youth were not seen as "the church of tomorrow," but "the church of today."  

In his own words

"At the Compass, we value the individuals that God has placed in our care.  Our responsibility is to help individuals build, or rebuild, their self esteem and self worth, and to realize the worth that God has placed in their hearts.  My heart also felt burdened at the research that most youth leave the church at age 16 and do not return until 35.  I want to create an atmosphere that values, involves, and challenges our youth."  Pastor Mike